Packaged Cooling Systems

We specialize in the manufacturing of custom industrial refrigeration systems, primarily for use in the agriculture industry. Having 30 years of experience, we take pride in our ability to build quality products with quality equipment for long life and dependable service.

How Our Vacuum Coolers Work

Technology to cool the fresh produce quickly, in minutes rather than hours. Our advanced Vegetable Vacuum Cooling receive two layers of pallets containing freshly cut and packed produce in a single cycle.

Quickly reducing the atmospheric pressure within the vacuum tube lowers the boiling point, so that the moisture on the produce is rapidly evaporated. As the flash point of vapor is reached, moisture leaves the produce removing heat with it. The vapor is drawn through a refrigerant coil where the moisture is condensed to allow the vacuum pressure to continue to lower until the desired temperature is reached.

Custom Applications / Vegetable Vacuum Cooling

Our vacuum cooling technology, can strongly improve your product quality and at the same time reduce your cooling costs. Your bottom line is important to us! If out of the box systems just won’t work for you, we have the expertise and experience to build you a Custom system that will address your specific needs. If there is one thing that we understand, it’s that EVERY business is different and has their own unique wants & needs.

Custom Applications

Partnering with the right company to build a custom system that addresses all of your business’s requirements is very important. PCS’s experience in building Custom Applications of every size from reworking your current equipment to building a full scale custom cooling operation allows you to create a system that covers your specific needs and works with your budget turning your ideas into reality.

Remote Monitoring

Equipment malfunction or failure costs you money. PCS is a leader in providing Remote Monitoring systems to their clients that safeguard equipment and property. Conditions that may cause damage from leaks, equipment or power failure need to be identified as soon as possible. Remote monitoring will also alert you to routine maintenance tasks such as replacing filters or lubricating components.

Packaged Cooling

PCS’s experience, product and industry knowledge, and commitment to getting the job done right makes working with them a great experience. They will answer all of your questions and make recommendations that not only result in a better functioning system, but save time and money. From sales to installation, they treat you with courtesy and respect. You can look forward to many years of successful partnership.

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