High Humidity Forced Air Coolers

Packaged Cooling’s Forced Air Coolers use a more efficient and direct method of air chilling to achieve shorter cooling times, further enhancing a longer shelf life of the product. Additionally, our Forced Air Coolers can function as precooling systems and room coolers for almost any fruit or vegetable. Some of the precooling systems available are forced air cooling units for precooling strawberries, bell peppers, and grapes, typically a high volume commodity. PCS precooling systems are complete with packaged refrigeration systems and cooling units, ready for field installation. The multispeed capability is a real energy saver over other single speed pre-cooling systems and can, in some cases, result in utility company rebates. Advanced temperature controls and PLC’s on multiple systems are used to control the unit’s functions, which are capable of interfacing with PC based plant management systems.

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