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One (1) Stainless Steel 14 Pallet Vacuum Cooler with two (2) Shuttles, one (1) 53’ High-Side Refrigeration/Vacuum Pump Trailer

Vacuum Tube:

  1. Construction/Fabrication:
    • Stainless Steel interior and exterior design.
    • Skin and formed channels constructed from 5/16” Stainless Steel.
    • Doors open and close automatically via 6” pneumatic cylinders.
    • All beams and seams to be welded out complete. Continuous welds, no
  2. Refrigeration:
    • One (1) Aluminum partially finned Recirc. Ammonia evaporator coil.
    • Stainless Steel flex connections and Aluminum drain pans.
    • Stainless Steel refrigeration piping and spray laterals inside of tube.
    • Plumbed w/Parker RS valves with Stainless Steel stems where required.
  3. Shuttles:
    • Galvanized Mild Steel structural frame will be constructed from square tubing w/Stainless Steel decks.
    • Adjustable landing gear, shuttle wheels attached to deck, channel guides welded to shuttles and tube.
    • Shuttle alignment Pins for Vacuum Tube transfer pockets.
    • Limit switch travel safeties.
    • Pneumatic shuttle arm disengage-pendant controlled.
    • Gull-wing doors for easy and safe access to drive enclosures.
  4. Electrical:
    • Automation Direct PLC w/automated control w/15” touch screen interface.
    • Two (2) Shuttle MCC panels w/frequency drives (Shuttles driven, no slave).
    • Tube control panel automatically operate all aspects of the cooling cycle with exception to the product shuttles which are controlled by the equipment operator via push button pendant.
    • Hand operated control switches and mechanical gauges (Provided for manual override operation in the event of PLC failure).
    • All Stainless-Steel enclosures.
  5. Misc.:
    • All pneumatics for the tube, door rams, auto door valves, filter-dryer, regulator, and vac break w/air ram.
    • Pipe air system complete w/Galvanized Steel piping.
    • Bounce valve, vacuum break.
    • Transport pockets.

High-Side Refrigeration Trailer

  1. Construction:
    • 53’ air-ride inside rail flatbed trailer.
    • Additional landing gear as required.
    • Replace wood deck with Galvanized Steel bar grating.
    • All Mild Steel portions to be sand blasted to white metal and covered with 2-part epoxy primer and (2) topcoats of customer’s choice of paint and color.
    • Canopy with Galvanized sheet metal roof and overhead lighting.
  2. Refrigeration:
    • One (1) 350 hp Mycom N200VLD-LI_350 rotary screw compressor with SOC cooling and dual oil circuits.
    • 48” x 96” L.P.R. vessel with one (2) sealed Teikoku Ammonia pump.
    • 30 X 24” H.P.R. vessel located between trailer frame rails.
    • Stainless Steel Ammonia piping and flex connections where required.
    • Evapco LSCB-535L evaporative condenser w/Stainless Steel blower housings.
    • Plumbed w/Parker RS valves.
  3. Vacuum Pump:
    • Two (2) 50hp Busch Rotary-Vane™ Single Stage Vacuum Compressor
    • Box oil/water separator w/manual drain valve.
    • Ingersoll Rand 7.5 H.P. 2-stage air compressor w/120-gallon capacity tank.
    • 8” Keystone butterfly valves.
    • Oil level and temperature safeties.
  4. Electrical and Controls:
    • Stainless Main MCC panel with soft starts for the screw, tower fans, and
      vacuum pumps.
    • Control safely circuit for vacuum pumps.
    • Solid-State Condenser fan cycle control.
  5. Included documentation:
    • All manufactures data and manuals.
    • P & IDs, vessel certifications and drawings, IIAR inspection checklist.
    • Pressure check certification.

Transport and Set-Up:

  1. Transportation:
    • Not included but can manage all aspects of shipping if required.
  2. On Site Set-Up:
    • Unload set and level tube and shuttles in its correct operating location.
    • Make electrical connections to shuttles.
    • Connect and Evacuate refrigeration system.
    • Once field connections to house utilities are complete, Packaged Cooling will run test, make needed adjustments, and certify operation.
    • Charge system with Ammonia.

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